Announcing the Fully Online Course: January–March 2022


We are proud to announce that the January–March 2022 publishing course at the Seagull School of Publishing will be conducted entirely online.

A three-month course in publishing, run entirely by industry professionals. Inspirational life stories. Hands-on training. Lots of assignments. Online interactions with faculty from across the world. Understanding cover design and layouts, copy-editing and proofreading, tips and tricks of sales and marketing and buying and selling rights, across territories and languages. An intense learning experience that will enable you to work in publishing anywhere in the world.

Regular classes by Seagull Books faculty and masterclasses by Indian and international publishing professionals will be conducted via video-conferencing application Zoom. Extensive course material, both print and digital, will be made available to all enrolled students. An online archive or library will be created by the School to which students will be granted exclusive access.

Limited seats. Apply now.

Please see Course Overview for more details

Course fee

Rs 65,000 for Indian citizens.

US$ 3,500 for students from the rest of the world.


  • A graduate degree in any field.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office.

To apply, please click here.

Download the prospectus here.

An initiative of the Seagull Foundation for the Arts, Calcutta. In association with Seagull Books.  |  

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63 thoughts on “Announcing the Fully Online Course: January–March 2022

  1. Swasti Kumar

    I am interested in the Book Design course, but because of my work in an advertising agency I can only enroll in weekend classes (or even evening classes). Can there be a provision for people like me?
    thank you

  2. manjulikapramod

    This looks like a cool course.. I have been looking forward to something like this. Do you have something like this in Delhi, NCR?

    1. Dear Constance,

      We have two sessions a year——January to March and June to August. if you are interested in the course, we would advise you to send in your application for the June to August course in 2014.

  3. Emma Coupland

    Dear Seagull School team,

    I am very interested in the editing course in particular. Is there any possibility of doing this remotely – distance education?

    best wishes,
    emma in Timor-Leste

    1. Dear Emma,

      Thank you for your interest in the course but we are afraid there’s no provision for carrying it out long distance. The school is in Calcutta and all our students must be present in Calcutta for the duration of the course.

  4. Moumita Goswami

    Dear Seagull Publishers,
    I am into a full time job but very interested in your editing course…do you have these classes working only at the weekends or in the evening? Can there be provisions for people like us?

    1. Dear Moumita,

      Thank you for your interest in the course. The course is intensive and rigorous and structured in such a way that it would not be possible to condense it into weekend classes. And unfortuntely, we do not have any provision for evening courses at the moment.

  5. sunanda chatterjee

    I am interested in the editing course. Could you kindly let me know the last date of submission of forms for the January session.

  6. debarati biswas

    I am one of the students of Calcutta lucky enough to attend the classes taken by literary scholars and personalities who are more like friend philosopher and guide,rather than formal teacher. The classes are more like interactive sessions drawing vivid pictures of the world of publishing. I used to read books, but the school has taught me to study books. There are sayings like out of the box thinking and thinking inside the box, but the school has pointed out that there are no box actually. The course is a three month course, which may b called a short course judging by its duration, but the course is actually extensive leaving a life long impact. The course is present only in Calcutta, and people from all over the world come here for it. The course is purely practical and not just black board teaching. It is more than teaching and learning. The course do not only give insight about the publishing sector, but also an insight about life. Resigning my job in a reputed bank and enrolling for the course is the best decision I have taken.

    1. Dear Elen,

      We have two courses every year—one from January to March and the second from June to August. Applications for the June–August 2015 session will be accepted after March 2015, and applications for the January–March 2016 session will open in September 2015.

  7. Vaishali Gopal

    Hi I am really interested in your editing course starting in January. Can I apply now for the course or do I need to wait till August or September? Also how long do you take to get back to candidates on their selection? The reason I am asking is I am a working professional right now and taking on this course would require me to quit and relocate which means I would need time to serve notice period,etc.

    1. Dear Vaishali,

      Thank you for your interest in the course. You can apply now for the Jan–Mar Editing course next year. However, the process of selection will begin in September.

  8. avneet kaur

    Hi, I am really interested to enroll for the course and the timings and duration of the course is also suitable for me. Could you please tell if there would be a students’ concession available on the fees of the course?

    1. Dear Avneet,

      Thank you for your interest in the course. Unfortunately, we do not offer any concession. However, in certain cases, there is an option of paying the fees in instalments. You can call us at 033 2475 0058/68, Monday – Saturday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. for more details.

  9. Deepali

    I’m interested in applying for this course when the next batch of applications open. However I am not able to access your prospectus; the link seems to be broken. Could you assist?


    1. Dear Deepali,

      Yes, there seems to be some technical problem with the link. We are looking into it. In the meantime, you should get all the information about the course on the website. If you have a specific query, please write to us at and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

  10. Satyaki Chakraborty

    Hello there,
    I was just curious to know if, after completing this course, I get job opportunities at Seagull.

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Satyaki,

      Regarding jobs, while we help our students with guidance and recommendations in most cases, the courses offer no guaranteed placements or internships with publishing houses. Job opportunities at Seagull are subject to vacancy; at the moment, there are no vacancies.

  11. Dear Debarati,

    Thank you for your interest in the Editing course. The next session will begin in June and continue till August. You can take a look at the prospectus for more information. Yes, you will need to appear for an admission test in April for the June–August session. To apply, you need to fill up the application form by clicking at the link above.

  12. ruby

    Hello there,

    I’m interested in this particular course however I have not pursued a degree. I hope to in the future very soon. Does that trim my chance of applying anyway?

    Thank you.

  13. sonam

    Hello there,
    Could you kindly tell me what is the last date of applying for the winter course 2017 and around which date the entrance test would be conducted?

    1. Dear Sonam,

      The deadline for filling up the application forms is 7 December 2016. Shortlisted applicants are required to sit for an hour and a half–long test, the candidates can ascertain the date and time of the test as per their convenience.

      Best wishes,
      the Seagull team

    1. Applicants need to be graduates in any discipline. We have two sessions a year — January to March and June to August. If you are interested in the course, we would advise you to send in your application once you’ve completed your degree. Best wishes, The Seagull School team.

    1. Dear Sara, We do not provide internships or jobs. However, several well-known publishing houses are familiar with our institution and have hired our students in the past. Moreover, they inform us of vacancies. We then pass this information on to our students and alumni. Best wishes, the Seagull School team.


    Very interested in the designing course,but since its timings clashes with my university classes i’am left helpless,what should i do?

    1. Dear Arnab, we do not provide internships or jobs, although 75% of our students since 2012 are currently working in the publishing industry. We do put students in touch with publishing houses in Delhi, many of which have hired our students in the past. Best wishes, the Seagull School team.

  15. Sana Mohsin

    Interested in book publishing course, want to apply for Jan-Mara course, but pls could u brief me about the placement or job opportunities after the course completion in kolkata.

    1. Dear Sana, thank you for your interest in the course. We help our students with guidance and recommendations in most cases, however, the courses offer no guaranteed placements or internships with publishing houses. Best wishes, the Seagull School team.

    1. Dear Amanda, The application process for Summer Course (1 June – 31 August) will begin in March 2017. The deadline for receipt of application forms is 10 May 2017. Best wishes, the Seagull team.

    1. We offer an overview on e-publishing for both Editing and Design students and discuss the many facets of digital publishing over a three-day module, but please note that this does not qualify as an extensive or exclusive course on the subject. Best wishes, the Seagull team.

    1. Dear Aishwarya: Thank you for writing to us. Please note that the School does not provide accommodation. However, there are several PGs available in the area near the School which are listed on various online portals. We’re not able to help out in this matter — this is something the students are meant to arrange themselves, based on their convenience. Best wishes, the team at Seagull.

    1. Dear Nitu:

      Thank you for writing to us. Both Book Design and Editing are 3-month long, full-time professional courses and, therefore, cannot be pursued simultaneously.

      Best wishes,
      the Seagull team.

  16. It is mentioned that there will be an admission test first.I want to know what constitutes this test and where this test will take place.

    1. Dear Amit: If you are interested in applying for the January–March session, Step 1 is to fill in the online form available on our website. Shortlisted applicants will be notified about admission test for the course of their choice—Editing or Book Design. Please note that both these courses cannot be pursued simultaneously. The test may be conducted online or in person, depending on the candidate’s location and convenience. It’s a fairly elementary test, almost like a quiz—no special preparation is required. Hope this answers your query. All the best, the Seagull team.



    Could you please tell me when the last date for applying is for the January-March 2018 ?


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