First of all,

even the dawn races through the morning

bringing with it a unique chorus

Of caws and coos,

Of screeching and scraping.

Then the streets are stirring,

Waking with a hunger,

Another day in so many lives,

Shifting like sand.


From above

the city happens without you.

On the ground

it happens all over you,

with waves of varying force.

Electrifying storms,

gale force winds and floods

and the ever present dust.


Still I am here.

Still I can’t get in

or out.


Where is the darkness visible

when everything lies exposed

under a light indiscriminate,

and the heaviest of heat?


Sometimes the heart of a city,

the belly of the beast

dwells deeper than one dares to follow,

But this city reveals itself

belly up,

heart on its sleeve.


So much thought to be known

already lies before me,

unravelled long ago.


Neither here, nor there,

Dearest friends of varied distances,

From this position

you have never been closer.


Becky Ayre