Design Assignment 14: Our Non-Veg Cow and Other Stories

The design students were given Our Non-Veg Cow and Other Stories by Mahasweta Devi, a published Seagull title, to page-set and were also asked to design its cover. Here’s the blurb of the book, which served as a cover design brief:

In this volume, Mahasweta Devi reveals a fresh face as a writer of delightfully whimsical and funny children’s stories. This is a side of her personality that young readers in Bengal have enjoyed and savoured for over thirty years. These irresistible stories abound with unlikely and colourful characters: a vehemently non-vegetarian cow, the household pet, who wolfs down fried fish and gets drunk on local spirits; an irrepressible prankster of a brother who gets himself and everyone else into trouble with his mischievous tricks; a father who thinks nothing of filling the entire house with hens and chicks while on an economy drive; and a teeming assortment of others like Chittu, the little creature who changes into a pebble or a mongoose at will.

The following were chosen by the students as the best three covers.

Rachita Saraogi

Sreemoyee Basu

Dileep Raj

Special mentions:

Amritah Sen

Paramita Brahmachari

Ruby Hembrom


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