Design Assignment 9: The Big Book of Textiles

For an assignment on a book cover using a texture, the following brief was provided to the students.

Choose a saree or a kurta or a shirt or a bedcover or a place mat at home—anything that will fit into the scanner.

Design a cover for the big book of your favourite textile, using the scanned image as your main image. Embroidery, patterns, prints and textures are all allowed, as long as they are executed on fabric.

This is a coffee-table book, therefore large format, and lavishly illustrated throughout. Please be aware that such books are already available in abundance and your must be sufficiently different in order to attract the reader.

The following covers were judged as the best three (Dileep’s design ties with Boski’s for the first position) by the students.

Dileep Raj

Boski Jain

Amritah Sen

Zeena Singh

Special mentions:

Ruby Hembrom

Sreemoyee Basu


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