Design Assignment 6: Interpreting a client brief

One of the most important qualities of a book cover designer is to be able to interpret the client’s vision and to create a cover that strikes a perfect balance between the client’s vision and his/her aesthetic sense.

At the Seagull School of Publishing, each design student was asked to prepare a design brief for a book cover using their favourite word, which were then exchanged, so that each student was both a ‘client’ for a designer and designer for another ‘client’. The best three covers were then chosen by their classmates.

The following are the four client briefs that were judged best by the students.

Rachita Saraogi’s interpretation of Satoko Tsurudome’s brief to her for a book about an old gardener and his dog.

Urmi Rupa Paul’s interpretation of Paramita Brahmachari’s brief to her about a book that provides the reader a look into the paraphernalia of literature in progress.

Manasij Dutta’s interpretation of Dillep Raj’s brief to him about a fiction about a would-be bride’s attraction towards a disreputable man, whom she sees every day outside her office window.

Boski Jain’s interpretation of Amritah Sen’s client brief for a book about the generation in Bengal for whom Satyajit Ray is more than just a cultural icon.


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