New Project

Open New Project.
Will I use Quark after these three months?
Inches. Not pixels.
Did I scan my image right?
Pixels per inch. Not cms.
Do I require this image I am scanning? It has more text than image.
Move to Trash?
Wait. You may need it later.
Comic Sans is not your cup of tea?
I am not going to bookmark you for that reason.
Can you pull off a Calligrapher?
Oh Lucida, you are not a Georgia or a Didot.
Will someone pick up this book for its cover?
Maybe. But the content matters too.
There are no footnotes, I hope.
Your spine
Sits erect.
The font size is way too small on the spine, don’t you think?
The image is loud enough, there are so many colours.
Is it 300 dpi?
What is?
Your image, is it 300 dpi?
How does that matter? It looks fine on my screen.
How does that matter!?
Scan again.
Imagine all the book covers looked the same.Will this book then sell itself?
Books cannot all look the same. None of us look the same. We don’t dress the same.
I am dressing a book?
Yes you are.

Parvathy Subramanian


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